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Jr. Dragster



From Nascar to NHRA Prostock Car

Everything from Micro Sprints , Sprint cars , Stock Cars to NHRA Prostock Car , we have the Bearings to suit your needs. Transmission Bearings , Pinion Bearings and Rear Axle Bearings. We specialize in solving Bearing related problems from our in house hand made Ceramic Hybrids to many custom sizes purposely designed for Auto Racing..

Our Ceramic Hybrids are available for all Nascar transmissions , Liberty, Lenco and G Force Drag Race Transmissions, 9" Pinion Bearings and Rear Axle Bearings . We have been supplying Trans, Pinion and Axle Bearing to NHRA Prostock cars since 2001. We stock many Sprint and Micro Sprint Front Wheel and Bird cage Bearings, We also have bearings for many different Quick Change Rears , Click on our Ceramic Page for more info.