Ceramic Bearings




Jr. Dragster



From 50cc Dirtbikes to Larry McBride's 1000hp 5 second Top Fuel Motorcycle

Whether your racing a 50cc Pocket bike or a 550hp Turbo Street bike we have all the Bearings to suit your needs. Front and Rear Wheel Bearings and Seals , Transmission Bearings , Crank Bearings , Swingarm Needle Bearings. We specialize in solving Bearing related problems from our in house hand made Ceramic Hybrids to many custom sizes purposely designed for Motorcycle applications.

Larry McBride's 1000hp Top Fuel motorcycle has over 25 Ceramic Hybrid Bearings in it for over 5 seasons with zero failures. If our Ceramics will hold up in Larry's Top Fuel bike they will hold up anywhere. We now offer Ceramic Hybrid kits for all popular street bikes as well as 2 and 4 Stroke Motocross bikes. Email us with any questions about kit availability for your bike.